What You Can Expect

“Thanks for the fantastic week my son and daughter had last week. I cannot compliment you enough for the character and athletic skill building that took place in five days. Keep it up and congratulations!”     Tom L.                                                

Camp Begins each day with 8 Fundamental Learning Stations. Each camper rotates through Learning Stations gaining maximum repetitions on a wide variety of basketball skills

Shooting Analysis
Each camper's shot is videotaped and analyzed in a 1 on 1 Session with the camper.The staff dissects the player's shot teaching the BLESH technique that was created here at Excel.

Motivational, Lifeskills Learning Sessions 
Coaches meet with the campers each day providing motivational stories, anecdotes to guide players toward becoming the best people they can possibly be.

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Each camper will compete in one on one competition against children in their own age group, developing one on one skills while preparing for the Camp Championships on Friday. Campers also compete for Camp Free Throw Champion Awards in each age division. Daily 3 on 3 Contests teach the campers perfect defensive and offensive movement and habits. Each camper will also play in 2 "League Games" each day.

Organization, Efficient Use of Camp Time
Camp is "up and running" on Monday by 9:05 each day. Campers are organized and ready to go, able to maximize every second of camp. There is no "down time." From games to lectures to free throws to dribble series to ballhandling, fast break activities, a comprehensive day, designed to enhance each second to allow your child to improve.

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Great Instruction
The Excel Family is constantly teaching, inspiring and motivating players to become the best they can be. Camp Directors, Coach Brian Sullivan, Frank Allocco, Jr., Coach Art Cattano and Coach Gregg Allocco bring a wealth of experience and commitment to kids. Most of the Coaches are "Excel Alumni" who bring their passion to camp each day.

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