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Steve Siracusa, The College of New Jersey Robby Fay, Gettysburg College

We are proud of our 35 year history of serving boys and girls from “coast to coast.” Enjoy a trip through “memory lane” as you journey through the pages of the Wall of Fame......An amazing history, as the story of so many great players and people started on the courts and classroom of Excel....Click on the links below to see the amazing history and tradition of Excel in Basketball. The history of Excel was created by the work, effort, and commitment of the young boys and girls who competed on the courts of Excel. Be a part of the tradition as you commit to being your best, developing the habits that will help you to succeed.......

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Excel Campers who have now entered the Ministry of Coaching

Michelle Montagna, Montclair StateMichael Marchesano, College of New Jersey

Michelle Montagna-Montclair State

Michael Marchesano-Coll. of New Jersey

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